Ghost Towns

Ghost Towns

North America is young on the world scale, however its rustic past depicts the struggle to survive as the land was settled.

To me, its always a real eye opener to revisit our history and to see just how far we've come since the days of the Pioneers. The Southwest US is littered with Ghost Towns that preserve the mystery and history of the Old West

However the US is not the only place where towns have been abandoned. My images from my 'Sands of Time' series depict what happens when one builds a town amidst the tallest sand dunes on the planet. Mother Nature makes quick work to reclaim what was once hers, as soon as we depart

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Have a Seat

Decisions II


Out to Pasture
The Lobby

The Old Farmhands

The Old Farmhand
The Forgotten Coupe

Ghost House

The Weathered Past
Rhyolite Bank
The Retired Boxcar

Meanwhile...back at the ranch

Ghost Windows
No Vacancy
No Entry
The Call of Nature

The Passage of Time

The Sands of Time
Rooms of Sand
Barn Board




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