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While others were enjoying the sunny warm winter temperatures of Arizona, I packed up my gear and headed way up North to Iceland in pursuit of the Aurora Borealis; AKA The Northern Lights. I rented an old British Military Land Rover Defender to give me the flexibility to drive where I needed to go, sleep wherever I wanted and hold my ridiculous amount of gear.

Three weeks traversing the island nation, I saw an endless stream of photographic opportunities as the landscape is nothing short of spectacular. Snow capped volcanoes and mountain peak chains seemingly rising from the sea. Enormous glaciers form rivers of ice as they both scour and shape the landscape, while giving life to countless waterfalls and calves of ice. Pulverized earthen scapes and glacial moraine abound amongst large moss covered lava fields. Roaring waves pound the coastline and contribute to the constant shaping of Iceland's cliffsides and sea stacks - truly a place to marvel at the power and beauty of Nature.

Iceland's proximity to the Sun, and this year's solar activity cycle meant for prime opportunity to view one of the most spectacular things on the planet: 'The Aurora'. The coronal mass ejections yielded some spectacular solar flare activity and the resulting light shows (yes, more than one!) were jaw dropping.

The Aurora
"The Aurora"

A challenge to photograph, keeping a balance of ISO and grain in check, all while being sure to not blur the stars, keep sharp focus, and balance the light between foreground and the Aurora itself. Sometimes I was fortunate that the Aurora provided enough light, other images I needed the light from the Moon as well, and still others gave me an opportunity to 'paint' the foreground with light from my trusty headlamp.

Perseverance paid off however and I came away with some images that I consider to be some of my finest work to date. I'll look forward to hearing your thoughts on the images. I am hard at work producing some Dye-Infused Aluminum of the pieces in time for my coming busy art show schedule

In addition to the Aurora, I also photographed some other spectacular sights in Iceland, including inside the belly of an ancient glacier surrounded by the bluest blue ice you could imagine. A number of images from my trip are already posted in the Iceland gallery, with more to follow soon as I continue scanning - be sure to check back often to see what's new.

"Gaze in Wonder"

Learn about Nikon's space cameras

Have you ever marvelled at the images captured from space? Well, like most folks, I certainly have. Many of those images were captured by the Astronauts themselves using handheld cameras. The cameras they use today are just like the commercially available ones anyone can buy today, but there was a time when cameras needed to be modified a great deal to withstand the demands of space travel. As I am an avid Nikon collector, I have acquired a number of Nikon's early space cameras and have built a number of pages on the website that have profiles that explain what makes these cameras so unique.

Whether your a camera buff or a space buff, you'll likely find the section an interesting read!

The Building Blocks of Photography

My 4 week course on the Building Blocks of Photography will be returning next January. Watch my Classes / Workshops page for when the next course will be scheduled.

Don't forget to check out my Exhibitions page for an up to date listing of all the art festivals I will be at this year. Confirmations for shows will continue to follow over the next few months, so be sure to check back often.

I hope to see you at one of the shows!

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I have over 30 years experience in shooting with single lens reflex (SLR) cameras and my work has appeared in publications all over North America. I am an old school guy that learned from the ground up where the goal was to make the image perfect in the camera as opposed to taking average photos and 'fixing' them on the computer. If you want a better understanding of your camera's controls, and how to put the technical know how to work in making great images, then contact me. I provide one on one training that is customized to you.

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